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Covid 19 - During the pandemic, we have taken extra measures to ensure a safe journey.

Viking Line

We offer bus rides between Stockholm City Terminal and the Viking Line ferries at Stadsgården. The departures are adapted to the departures and arrivals of the Viking Line ferries. To see departure times, please use our search engine by clicking on "Timetable".

We also offer rides between Stadsgården and Skansen main entrance at Djurgården. The bus departs daily at 10.45 from Stadsgården and the ride back is at 15.00 from Skansen. To see departure times please use our search engine by clicking on "Timetable".

Welcome on board!


Adult, one way: 60 SEK

Adult, return trip: 110 SEK

Youth, one way: 40 SEK

Youth, return trip: 70 SEK

Ticket regulations

Youth tickets are valid for people from age 6 to 11 (inclusive). Two children up to 5 years travel free of charge with a full fare paying adult. If one adult travel with more than 2 children, youth price is payed (6-11 years) from child number 3. No student- or senior discount.

Where to buy tickets

Please buy your ticket in advance to make the boarding quicker. You can by your ticket at the following places:

Ticket machine at Stockholm City Terminal

Ticket vending machines are available at Stockholm City Terminal.

On board the boat

In Viking Line's ticket office at Stadsgården.

On board the bus

Only credit card, no cash is accepted.