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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to our frequently asked questions.

What does it cost to rent a bus?

The price of a trip varies depending on the type of bus, number of buses, length of the trip, when the trip is to be completed and how long the assignment is. By filling out our form, we can give you a quote on what exactly your trip costs.

How to rent a bus?

You simply fill in the form with your wishes. If you rather have a personal contact, call 010-452 40 00 weekdays from 09:00-17:00. It is also possible to e-mail bussbokning@merrresor.se

What is included when I book a bus?

The bus rental always includes a bus and a driver. You also receive personal service prior to the assignment from our professional employees who help you plan the trip after your needs. We also offer a number of additional services and are happy to help you with catering, overnight stays, guides among other things. So that your trip will be as good as you want to.

Can I get contact information to our driver?

That's fine! The day before departure, you will receive the driver's phone number. On the confirmation letter you can also find a phone number for our emergency service where you can call 24-7.

Can you help us with booking a guide/sightseeing tour?

Certainly! We can help with acquiring Swedish, English and German speaking guides in the Stockholm area and sometimes even other languages and cities. Read more about our additional services.

How big are your buses?

Our buses have room for 50-57 passengers but we are happy to leave an offer for journeys for both fewer and more passengers. Here you can find more information about our buses.

Can you help us catering food?

We are happy to help you order food that you can eat during the trip. Read more about our additional services.

Can we bring our own food?

It is allowed to eat and drink on the bus. However, the bus must be left in good condition after the assignment has been completed. Garbage and leftovers are thrown in the bus' garbage bags. Litter, stains and damage to the bus are post-invoiced.

How late can I change/cancel my bus journey free of charge?

Cancellation to our office conducted:

  • earlier than 7 working days prior to departure brings no charge.
  • later than 7 working days prior to departure brings a charge of 20% of the total price of the journey. *
  • later than 24 hours prior to departure brings a charge of 100% of the total price of the journey. *

*unless otherwise agreed.

Where do I turn if I have left something on the bus?

Contact the local office by e-mail or phone. Here you can find contact information.